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30October 2017

Business Statistics Assignment Help – Related Questions and Answers

Business statistics is a branch of statistics which helps in the development of business, finance and market. It provides data to various organizations to make suitable decisions for the promotion of their business and other policies. Average students of statistics who have opted for the business statistics course may have difficulties in attempting their business statistics assignments.

Why to Take Professional Help?

Often the students find themselves stuck while attempting the questions asked in their business statistics assignments. BME helps the students to collect statistical data for the analysis of strengths and weaknesses of commercial organizations and their achievements for their assignments. BME tries to give you an overview that what types of questions are asked in the business statistics assignments and what are the most probable answers. Below are given the questions and answers in a very simple and understandable way:

Q1. What are the indicators of the state and balance of the market?

Ans. Following are the indicators of the state and balance of the market. 1) Product Offer. 2) Customer Demand. 3) Capacity, Market saturation. 4) Market structure indicators.

Q2. What are indicators of commodity circulation and sale of services?

Ans. The indicators of commodity circulation and sale of services are as follows: 1) Indicators of goods turnover and sales of services. 2) Indicators of the structure of turnover. 3) Indicators of per capita commodity turnover. 4) Indicators of commodity stocks and goods turnover.

Q3. How does business statistics classify information?

Ans. Following characteristics are used to classify information:

  • By degree of completeness of processing (intermediate, outgoing or resultant).
  • By the participant of accounting work (information of the account of the basic means of goods, money resources, container).
  • By completeness of data coverage (sufficient, inadequate, excessive).
  • By the control phase (planned, accounting, analytical).
  • By stability (a conditionally constant standard and a conditionally variable standard).
  • By relation to the management process (informing, managing).
  • By the stage of education (primary and secondary).
  • By relation to objects of management (external and internal, incoming and outgoing).

Q4. What are the indicators of social and economic effect and efficiency of business activities of enterprises?

Ans. Following are the indicators of social and economic effect and efficiency of business activities of enterprises: 1) Indicators of income, profit, the profitability of enterprises. 2) Satisfaction of consumer demand. 3) Costs of circulation and production. 4) Labor costs and their payments.

Q5. What are the indicators of infrastructure?

Ans. The indicators of infrastructure on the basis of the material and technical base are: 1) Fixed assets, size, composition, carrying capacity, technical equipment of enterprises. 2) The numerical composition of the workforce in the enterprises.

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Business statistics has created its presence in every business area. Even the research and education spheres are affected by its value. No business can survive without an accurate analysis of its position in the market. Professional knowledge about business statistics has become a need for every business student. They are allotted complicated business statistics assignments which they find difficult to solve. BME is an online professional business statistics assignment writing help provider. It has a tradition of helping students in a very friendly way all over the world. The assignments have a genuine appeal, 100% error free and plagiarism free. All business statistics assignments are made keeping in mind the requirement of the institute as well as the student and the guide. has expert writers from business statistics environment who have vast experience of handling every type of assignment writing service.

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