10August 2018

Learn the Way to Prepare for Competitive Entrance While in School

After completing the higher secondary school that is 10 + 2, The next biggest task that remains in front of the student is sitting in the competitive exam for taking admission in good Institution. On an average student has to appear for 5 or more competitive exams after 10 + 2.

Students should start preparing for the competitive exams way before reaching 10 + 2. Here, we are sharing some tips how you can prepare for competitive entrance exams in short duration.

How to Prepare for Competitive Exams

The competitive exams are not like our board exam, therefore, if  you think while studying your 10 + 2 course you would be able to qualify the entrance exams, then your perception is wrong. The examination pattern of competitive entrance exams is completely different from board examination. In competitive exams, objective type questions come and it has a specific answer.

Thus, when you know that you have to face competitive exams after 10 + 2,  it is better that you plan things and start the preparation according to the planning. \

Tips That will Help you in Starting your Preparation for the Competitive Exams.

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Start The Preparation Early – Do not wait for coming in Higher Secondary class to start preparing for the competitive exam. You can  start preparation right from the middle school that is when you are in 8th or 9th class. You can take admission in coaching institutions that provide coaching in competitive exam preparation or purchase competitive exam books and start giving half or one hour of the day to prepare for the entrance exam.

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Increase Focus in Higher Secondary Classes –  If you will bring some modification in your study pattern right from the middle school with a focus to prepare for competitive exams,  then you will not have to work really hard when you are in higher secondary classes. However, once you have reached in Higher Secondary class that is 11th, increase your focus. For a few months forget about your friend and colleague and just concentrate on your studies.

Start Practicing – In addition to reading books and understanding concepts, start practicing the question bank as well. You can find question bank in book stores for different competitive examinations. Purchase one that you have to attempt and start solving the question bank. This will make you proficient in solving the questions.

Additionally, while preparing for the exam make sure that you study the easy subject first and make a strong hold on it. After that, continue with the tough subjects. Highlight the portion that you find difficult and take help from your teachers and seniors to understand it.

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