1December 2017

Management Strategies in a Startup to Get Best Outcome- Know More about This

What is a Startup?

A startup company is a fresh company which has entered into entrepreneurship in a new business. It is a young company which has just been born. It starts with meagre resources and few enthusiastic and adventurous people who want to take risk. Starting may incur expenses more than the revenues generated so it is necessary to have extra resources in your hand. It can be an experimentation which gives you an idea of your business’s future.

Usually, the product or service offered in a startup is fresh and new in the market. It is not offered anywhere else in the market and may also be offered at a discount as a promotional offer. Usually, these activities are expensive and exceed the available funds. Startups are developing, testing and marketing their products initially which pay them later on. The initial funding may be arranged from the banks which help to raise small businesses. Sometimes grants from nonprofit organizations or state governments may also help. The friends and family may also offer assistance in providing a loan. Later when the product or service establishes itself in the market the loans may pour in automatically.

What Is Management Of Change?

Whenever we tend to bring in a change it involves risk. These risks are managed by following foundation elements of Process Safety Management (PSM). Management of Change (MOC) is the most important element of PSM for which all other foundation elements are implemented. MOC controls the introduction of new risk. During its implementation various types of risks are observed like recognizing the change, analyzing the risk of the change and handling of the small changes effectively.

What Are The Precipitous Outcomes Of Management Of Change?

Any startup is a change of working. Here people from different areas of expertise come together and work for a united cause. The management of change strategy involves harmonious working of different people to make a combined workforce. There are four major outcomes when people from the different workforce for example sales, operations, accounting, corporate and IT come together.

  • Each department went to generate different needs and wants that existed in their functioning.
  • All the team members interacted with each other and got to know each other’s qualities and made a better working team.
  • All the team members got to know working off each other’s department. This helped in better coordination between the different departments of the company. This also helped in reduction of friction that develops during the working of different departments on a combined project.
  • After interactions, each team member-owned their decisions which were accepted by the senior management. This helps in a deep analysis of all the problems faced by different departments and probable solution.

How to Get Management Assignment Help from Professionals?

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