8December 2017

How Mathematics Helps In Computer Graphics?

What are Computer Graphics?

It is the creation of images and animations using computer software and specific hardware. It the computer-generated data in the form of pictures and movies. Special effects in certain movies are created using computer graphics. It is a recently developed area in computer science having vast career opportunities. There are various topics included in computer graphics namely 3D modelling, User Interface Design, Vector Graphics etc. It mainly modifies the image data according to the users’ desire, received from the physical world like photographs and movies.

What Is The Use Of Mathematics In Computer Graphics?

Two of the most used fields of mathematics in computer graphics are Algebra and Geometry. Linear Algebra, trigonometry and 3D Geometry are to be studied as specific topics, if you are planning to go into advanced graphics. But if you want to use the software only then no mathematics in general is required. Different areas of computer graphics need different applications of mathematical techniques. This also depends upon how you want to use computer graphics in your career. A researcher, for example, in computer graphics should have advanced knowledge of all mathematical principles related to Algebra, Trigonometry and Geometry. It should be kept in mind that the applied mathematics contributes more to computer graphics rather than pure mathematics. Let us discuss which field of mathematics contributes what in the area of computer graphics.

  • Algebra and Trigonometry: These two topics can solve any problems related to computer graphics. These can contribute to solving simple tasks such as finding the length of an object to solving a 3D problem with variables.
  • Linear Algebra: All concepts of Linear Algebra are used throughout computer graphics usage. Any area concerned with vectors having x, y and z components can be solved with the help of linear algebra. Vectors are frequently used in computer graphics.
  • Calculus: For going into research in computer graphics, the perfect tool in your hand is proficiency in Calculus. It is due to the fact that most of the problems and solutions in graphics research are in the language of Calculus. So basics in Calculus can open research opportunities in computer graphics.
  • Differential Geometry: This area refers to the equations which control the geometry of smooth surfaces and curves. There are several examples in which differential geometry plays a role. For example, finding perpendicular to a smooth surface, making a vehicle travel along a curved surface, making a smooth surface appear rough etc all can be done with the help of differential geometry.
  • Numerical Methods: These methods include Sampling Theory, Numerical solution of differential equations, Optimization etc. These methods are fast, accurate and require less memory as compared to other conventional methods.
  • Matrix Equations: There are many problems in computer graphics which requires the solution of matrix equations. For example, simulation of water or cloth in an animation can be done by using matrix equations.

How to Get Math Assignment Help from Professionals?

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