9October 2017

Operating System in IT Arena with Its Tremendous Functions and Features

A computer without an operating system is nothing. An operating system plays a vital role for a computer to work. This basically deals with both the structures of a computer i.e. hardware and user who is using the computer system. Learning about the operating system is necessary and important for every individual as nowadays without computer and internet we cannot imagine our lives. Students who are assigned with the project assignment from any university or colleges then they can choose Operating System assignment writing help at BookMyEssay.

Necessity of Operating System for a Computer

The operating system was launched as of building the interaction between the software and hardware components of a computer. Therefore, it plays an important role so as the user is able to see the window screen with different options to start the computer, shut down the system, as well as you can make you system sleep. There can be various operating systems available in the market.

Some of them are listed below:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Red hat
  • Fedora
  • Mac OS

Usage of Operating System – Choose Reliable Operating System Assignment Help

  • Feasible for interaction between user and computer device.
  • Managing schedules and loading of computer program device.
  • Safe and secure for users to use this application.
  • User can start the system automatically if power is already switched on.
  • Able to control system execution and program time of computer system.

Let us now have a Look on Different Functions of Operating System

  • Managing the process of a computer system

As per the term management of processes, it is used for controlling and managing the creation, deletion and similar various processes of a computer system.

  • Safe and secure for users

Users can choose any operating system as per their need. All kind of operating systems are safe and secure to use for a user. This provides the security to the files, folders, zipped files and many more which should not be misused without the authorization of admin user. Admin user is the administrator of the computer system who can give authentication to other users like what kind of files and folders they can access or modify.

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