6November 2017

SAS Assignment Help – Its Impact on Education and Industry Along with Analytics

What is SAS?

SAS stands for “Statistical Analysis System”. It is software developed about 40 years ago by the SAS Institute for advanced analytics, data management, predictive analytics, multivariate analyses, business intelligence etc. Later many new statistical procedures were added. It is simply the performance of statistical analysis on the data available from various sources. SAS assignment writing help from the professionals had a great impact on education and other industries.

What are the Roles of SAS?

SAS and Analytics play a vital role where big data is concerned. Large industries like banking where huge data pile up day by day can have SAS as their main escape. Some of the industries having major roles of SAS are listed below:

  • Banking: SAS plays a major role in assessing the risk in just a few seconds and not days with the high-end data SAS and Analytics. The piling up or housing crisis has been avoided by the SAS data analytics.
  • Retail Industry: There are some major roles that SAS plays in Retail Industry.
    1. Ask a complex question and get a simple answer. Complex questions on data handling can be easily answered by the SAS tools that are helpful in decision-making process.
    2. Business and IT can go hand in hand in retail with SAS. Collaboration between the two can help the retail industry to reap in benefits very fast.
    3. Real-time decision making to retailers can be provided by the SAS tools. Quick decision making leads to the quick implementation of the strategies which result in fasters and right outputs.
    4. Avoids sending spam. SAS and Analytics software do not send wrong and unnecessary spam messages to the retail customers. Rather filtered and interesting emails are forwarded to the most potent customers.
  • Healthcare: Data in health care is more than we expect. Patients’ details, medicine data, diseases data, diagnosis data, case studies etc forms a large pool of data which has to be analyzed rightly and accurately. High-performance SAS analytics let you analyze this big ocean of information.

The significance of SAS and Analytics:

The significance of SAS and Analytics can be seen by studying the positive impact of both the tools on the users and the education system. Three education experts have commented on the impact of SAS and Analytics on education and industry. These experts are as follows:

  • Linda Sullivan, Assistant Vice President for Institutional Knowledge Management, University of Central Florida. She has praised the utility of SAS and Analytics in the data management at her University. She contributed that now data and the concerned reports are available at their fingertips just by the click of some buttons. This has helped them to make decisions related to the data very quickly.
  • Tim Schuldt, Director of Statistical Delivery, Ruffalo Noel Levitz. With the help of SAS and Analytics, their clients’ confidence in their decisions has increased manifold. The institutions can now focus on financial aid and create realistic boundaries for future.
  • Daniel Ralyea, Director of the Office of Research and Data Analysis, South Carolina Dept. of Education. Here at the department of education, data scientists can collaborate more efficiently with the associated schools while making decisions for them.

How to Get SAS Assignment Help from Professionals?

BME has a dedicated team of data scientists who are also professional writers for SAS assignments. The assignment writing help for SAS and analytics give an overview that how is providing real-time analysis of education and industry at their fingertips and that too at very reasonable prices.

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