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3August 2017

What Student of Sociology Thinks About Their Degree in Real Life

Studying sociology generally means that a student will deal with various problems that are disturbing, harmful, and plain upsetting. While studying the sociology discipline that includes the study of various social problems such as inequalities based on the social class, gender, and race, crime, epidemics, poverty, environmental problems, and more, you may want to know the perfect solutions of these to better serve the society.

Sociology in the past days

Sociology for no doubt attracts the students of new generation concerned regarding the various social problems the society is facing. This was more and more popular in the colleges as well as universities across the country. This subject generally took two forms in the past times namely the study of sociological theory and the second one is the practice of ameliorative reform and service.

In the past days, most of the people generally considered sociology as a form of philanthropy and courses like Methods of Social Amelioration, Preventive Philanthropy, Charities, and Corrections. The undergraduate sociology courses were even more emphasized on the training in charity as well as social service work.

Today’s sociology subject

The new form of sociology is devoted to the practical amelioration of the social problems. The sociology of service is socially responsible and mission-oriented sociology of action and improvement. It supposes that every person has generally the similar needs if have the same kinds of situations. Individual needs of one person will be much similar to that of collective needs of another person in same living conditions. This form of sociology assists people by catering their basic needs.

There are different kinds of services activities that aim at helping other people. For example – conflict resolution, friendly visiting, coaching, community counselling, block activities, participatory action research, service learning, crime prevention, advocacy, community organizing, and more.

Completing the graduation with a degree in sociology usually comes with various ups and downs. There are various challenges that only sociology students have to face after their graduation like:

  1. Working hard to satisfactorily give an explanation of what your grade was.
  2. Feeling irritated and annoyed when people consider psychology and sociology as the same thing.
  3. Feeling upset and frustrated when every person automatically starts thinking that you would be only a good sociology professor or social worker after getting your degree. They think you can only do teaching with your sociology degree.
  4. You also get stuck in deciding what you should do next.
  5. It is quite difficult to analyse the social interactions in the real world.
  6. Saying bye to sociology society social media groups because it is now no longer interesting to you.
  7. Wondering whether the time you have given to some specific situation by taking lots of stress and doing great hard work would be advantageous to you.
  8. Feel more depressed when you understand that your graduation does not provide you much brighter opportunities as you expect.

These problems are generally faced by the student but actually studying this degree can reward a person with many benefits.

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